Sustainability and Office Manager – Applications closed

14–21 hours per week

£18,000–22,000 pro rata based on experience

Applications closed


We’re looking for someone to work with us in a part-time role managing our office. You’ll be part of the team, helping plan projects, managing finances and ensuring the office runs as it should. You’ll be responsible for developing our environmental and sustainability policies and making sure we’re keeping the planet in mind in everything we do.

We deliver projects for social businesses and the third sector that centre around community engagement, research and reporting. You’ll be a key link between the team and clients like Doctors Without Borders and Young Enterprise Scotland as well as charities and social businesses across the UK.

We need a detail-oriented person to manage the day-to-day of the office and give the team the solid base they need to deliver for our clients. It won’t all be thrilling work but if you think you can help, we want to chat with you.


This role offers the opportunity to:

  • Develop relationships with clients and suppliers
  • Work with the team to plan projects
  • Help decide which projects we take on
  • Affect how third sector organisations communicate their positive impact
  • See how third sector and social businesses overcome challenges
  • Be responsible for the development and delivery of our environmental and sustainability initiatives relating to, for example, waste management, communications, engagement and supply chains


What’s expected of the role

  • A positive attitude – work isn’t always easy and we pull together to make life better for each other
  • Keep finances up to date and manage project expenses
  • Complete the company VAT return
  • Manage enquiries and plan client meetings
  • Deliver project essentials – i.e. proposals, contracts and invoices
  • Ensure the office has what it needs to run day-to-day
  • Embed environmental considerations across all aspects of our business, including our office, operations, commercial activity and policy making
  • Keep up to date with developments in national policy and good practice from other organisations, then devise new internal projects in response to these developments
  • Manage the office policies to ensure they’re appropriate for us e.g. health and safety, data protection and privacy
  • Be a positive face of the company to clients and suppliers


You should

  • Be a positive person
  • Be a planner and organiser
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be detail oriented
  • Be innovative and creative
  • Have excellent interpersonal, project and time management skills
  • Be experienced with Xero or similar bookkeeping software
  • Be experienced with Office 365
  • Be experienced in completing company VAT returns
  • Be experienced in working in a small team
  • Be experienced in reviewing and implementing environmental and sustainability policy
  • Have a sound understanding of the wide range of technologies, approaches and initiatives used to address climate change


How to apply – Applications closed

The position is permanent, 14–21 hours per week paid at £18,000–22,000 pro rata based on experience. You can see the cool stuff we do and download copies of our recent work by clicking here.

If you’re interested in the position, send a CV and a personal statement of up to 700 words telling us why you’re keen. Show us how you’re perfect for the role, tell us about your experience and evidence how your skills are what we need. Please also submit two examples of how you’ve planned and implemented relevant environmental and sustainability policies.

When it’s ready, send your application to