Sourcing six-figure funding for SoulRiders

We sourced six figure funding for SoulRiders' community cycling programmes

  • Sourced 6 figure funding for SoulRiders so they can keep supporting healthy communities
  • Worked with SoulRiders to gain a clear understanding of their vision for their community
  • Funding has created opportunities for SoulRiders to launch new programmes

The positive attitude, enthusiasm and solution focused approach adopted by Taylor Nisbet has worked really well while strategically supporting SoulRiders. It is rare to find a professional company with the moral fibre to hold its values in such high regard. It’s been a pleasure working with Taylor Nisbet to support the growth of our own organisation

Rashid Khaliq, CEO SoulRiders Scotland

The Project

SoulRiders came to us to help them find funding to continue the great work they do. Their core programmes had gained traction and people were showing interest in new offerings. They needed funding to shift the charity up a gear.

SoulRiders is a charity dedicated to creating a stronger and healthier community for black and minority ethnic people (BME) through cycling. The charity’s core programmes were popular and they had successfully piloted new offerings, but they needed a cost-effective way to secure funding to continue to deliver for their community.

The charity had already applied for funding, but this had not been successful. They had been taking a scatter-gun approach, hoping that by putting out lots of leads at least one would catch. This took up time and capacity that SoulRiders’ didn’t have to spare. They needed expert advice and direction while they focused on the good work that they do.

Based on our experience of applying for funding, we understand what funders are looking for. Funders gravitate towards organisations that will make the greatest positive impact on their communities with the funds they receive. SoulRiders hadn’t thought about how their vision aligned with potential funders. We needed to get to the heart of the charity’s vision.

What we did

We worked with SoulRiders to understand their vision, the difference that they make in their community and how funding would enable greater positive impact. We then developed personalised applications to submit to funders who were aligned with SoulRiders’ vision.


Project objectives:

  • Secure funding for SoulRiders to support their programmes and development

Our approach

To get to the heart of who SoulRiders is, we worked directly alongside trustees and management. We worked together to distil who the charity is, why they exist and their vision for their community. We plotted out where the charity had come from, where they were then and where they were going to understand what funding was needed to support new projects and core costs.

Like any great matchmaker, we know who the funders are and what they’re all about. We compiled a list of appropriate funders, focussing on funders who were aligned with SoulRiders’ vision. This was essential in making sure the funder would be invested in the charity’s success. The funder would want to see the charity create greater positive impact for their community.

We developed strong, impact-focussed funding applications. The applications were personalised to each funder. We framed the great work SoulRiders does and the support they have from the community into a narrative that funders could connect with.

What difference did we make for SoulRiders?

Because of our involvement, SoulRiders secured 6-figure funding. This funding will ensure that the charity can keep doing its good work.

As well as making sure SoulRiders could continue its established programmes, the funding has opened up opportunities to launch new programmes including SoulKidz, supporting children to exercise, learn new skills, and make new friends.

SoulRiders now has a clear understanding of who they are, what funders are looking for, and how to continue to make a difference in their community.

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