Engaging Duneaton’s community

We inspired over 70 local volunteers to deliver community projects in Duneaton

  • Provided evidence to support community improvements
  • Brought people together to share views and influence the future of their communities

The Project

Duneaton Community Council (DCC) is a collection of local representatives who provide a voice for six rural villages and communities in the South Lanarkshire area. They had recently obtained funding from the Clyde Wind Farm Extension Fund to benefit the diverse needs of the local area. Each village has their own unique benefits and challenges, so they need to engage with the community to hear their ideas and challenges.

Through a competitive tendering process, DCC chose us to engage with their community. They liked our creative approach to the project, and our previous community engagement projects showed that we had a clear understanding of DCC’s requirements. We showed DCC examples of our past work that positioned us as leaders in delivering quality reports.

DCC wanted to effectively engage with their community and were open to ideas of how this could be done. Prior to this project, DCC had limited interaction with the community. Not all residents were aware of the purpose of DCC and many were disengaged. This meant when it came to distributing funds for community projects, they didn’t know what would be the most beneficial for the people they represent.

We saw this as an opportunity to provide DCC with information that would support several functions rather than for just the current funding. It was an opportunity to engage people at a grassroots level to support long term resident engagement.

What we did

We undertook community engagement events, a survey and gave recommendations for high-impact projects so DCC could appropriately direct the funding.



  • Bring the community together to share views and ideas
  • Raise the profile of the Duneaton area
  • Understand the needs and identify priorities of residents to improve the area
  • Identify volunteers to support community projects

Our approach

Our process kept people at the heart of the project to inform and generate ideas for the Wind Farm Funding. We organised events to engage with residents. To promote these events, we designed flyers and had them printed in Duneaton, supporting local business and cutting emission costs.

We held community events in each of the six villages over two days. Using interactive tools, we made sure that all attendees had their say and input into the future of their village. We value all opinions, so we made ourselves available with drop-in events regardless of how many people could come along. We discovered that each village has their own unique challenges but had similar concerns and ideas to improve the villages across Duneaton.

From the events, we identified key themes impacting each village and the Duneaton area as a whole. We developed a survey that would back up and develop the key themes. This was available online and in print so everyone’s opinions could be heard. This input from those unable to attend the events showed us which ideas suggested in the events were viable.

The community events and survey results informed the direction of our recommendations. We developed a Community Engagement Document that brought the funding and recommendations together. These recommendations were presented in priority based on cost, timescale to implement and potential community impact.

What difference did we make for DCC?

The Community Engagement Document we developed is a tool to inform DCC on decisions to allocate funding for residents’ projects. Our recommendations will form the basis of DCC’s strategic plan for the next 5-10 years giving example costs, timeframe and the level of impact in the community. It will also support residents making additional funding applications in the future.

As a result of the survey, we created a bank of over 70 local volunteers for DCC. These volunteers are available and eager to get involved in community projects across the area. Not only will volunteering help keep some costs down, it will also create a greater sense of connection, community and pride in Duneaton. DCC are equipped to support opportunities and make a difference to the people in the area.

Thank you!

Thanks to Duneaton Community Council for choosing to work with us!


Want to take a closer look at the Community Engagement document we developed for DCC? Click here to download the PDF version.

As a result of the survey, we created a bank of over 70 local volunteers for DCC. These volunteers are available and eager to get involved in community projects across the area.

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