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We support good people doing good things by showing how business can be done in a sustainable way. Our services are designed to support you from idea to implementation. Drawing on a toolkit of business, environmental, legal and design experience, our team will help you make it happen!

What we do


Research and feasibility studies

Want to know if your idea will work? We'll do the research, talk to the right people and offer you practical findings and next steps.


Community engagement

Want to know how you can make a bigger difference to your community? Ask them!


Business planning

Everyone wants to stand on their own two feet. We craft vision-driven business plans to take you one step closer to financial sustainability.


Source funding

Some good plans need a bit of cash to get off the ground. We know how to put your best case forward and find the perfect funder for you.


Impact and evaluation reporting

You are making a difference. Let’s tell the world about the great work you’ve done so people will support you to do more.


Branding design & comms

Your brand is your identity. It communicates who you are to the world – so let’s get it right, together.

People we have worked with

Current Projects

Growing deafscotland’s membership

Project Length: 12 months

Deadline: February 2020

deafscotland is the lead organisation for deaf issues in Scotland. Their aim – to educate people and reduce the stigma around deafness. They contacted us to help reshape their membership, to make it better serve their members and to broaden its appeal to businesses. To achieve their goals we have:

  • Engaged their members through an online survey to see how they feel their needs can be best served by deafscotland
  • Mapped the membership journey from enquiry to renewing membership, so deafscotland can understand how and why people become members
  • Created a membership conversion tool for staff members that identifies key interaction points and information delivery on the membership journey
  • Restructured the levels of membership to give members services they will use at a cost that works for the members and the organisation

We’re now working with the team to make the member sign up process simpler and access the benefits of a deaf friendly employer accreditation.


Rediscovering heritage in Gateshead

Project Length: 13 months

Deadline: August 2020

Having recently secured funding thanks to the UK Heritage Lottery Fund, Gateshead Council has launched a project to increase its connection with the Gateshead community and raise awareness about the local heritage. Gateshead Central Library will be modernising its historic collections to improve its access to the public and to increase engagement within its facilities. This project will involve:

  • The development of an evaluation plan to evaluate progress towards the Council’s key project outcomes
  • Staff training to ensure a clear understanding of what is being measured and why
  • Interim and final evaluation reports to discover what’s working, and what needs to change

Between now and August 2020, having had our first meeting, we’ll be working with the team to identify creative solutions to engage with a diverse community.



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