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Young Enterprise Scotland

Pathways Programme Impact report

Project Overview

Young Enterprise Scotland’s aim is to inspire young people to learn and succeed through enterprise. Each year they support over 15,000 young people across Scotland.

The Pathways Programme was created to support young people who face disadvantage when accessing formal education and employment.

Pupils aged 12-18 taking part in the programme have the opportunity to get out of their normal routine and comfort zone. They benefit by:

  • Improving confidence and motivation
  • Increasing employability skills
  • Gaining additional credits towards further education

What was Taylor Nisbet’s involvement?

Having worked with over 20 schools since launching in 2015, YES wanted to extend their reach and get more pupils involved.

Previously they had produced promotional documents internally, but this wasn’t having the impact that they had hoped for.

When YES approached Taylor Nisbet for support, they had three key objectives for any document created:

  1. Something that can be used as a recruitment tool for schools and partners
  2. Something that captures the impact achieved from the programme already in a celebratory way
  3. Something that supports ongoing fundraising for the programme

Our approach to the project

To achieve the objectives set by YES, we started by considering who was going to be reading the document and how people make decisions.

For this programme the decision makers were teachers or heads of departments within schools. To sign up and get pupils involved, they needed to clearly see the benefits, how it fitted with the curriculum and that the programme was value for money.

To tell a story about the programme, we set out an initial framework to gather information and get feedback from previous participants. The framework covered:

  • What the programme was about
  • Who it would work for
  • What the programme delivers
  • What existing participating schools had to say about the programme
  • How YES could support new schools

From here we gathered stats that would support what the programme claimed to achieve along with quotes and case studies from those who had previously benefited.

What did Taylor Nisbet create?

Once all the information was gathered, we created a mini impact report specific to the Pathways Programme that was aligned to YES’s objectives.

Designed using the brand guidelines of YES, we gave the document a professional but playful feel. This balanced the organisation working with young people aged 5-30 and the document’s target audience.

We also kept the language simple and used images that helped to bring the words to life.


What difference did the brochure make to YES?

The brochure impacted YES in a number of ways. Firstly, it provided a consistent message about the Pathways Programme for everyone in the YES team. This was really important as there had been challenges previously in how people talked about it depending on their role within YES.

It also gave YES something that was impactful as part of a presentation. This came up often when pitching to schools as well as key stakeholders and partners. The brochure made it more relatable to the target audiences than anything that had been pitched before.

Finally, and perhaps the biggest achievement, was that the programme was fully booked within a matter of weeks of the brochure being published. YES have now achieved capacity within their centre at Rouken Glen for 2018/19. In turn, this helped them secure funding from Local Authorities and various foundations.

YES have now set themselves a healthy challenge to see how they can improve resources and deliver the programme in other locations, as well as improving capacity at Rouken Glen.

For the year 2018/19, YES expect to support up to 100 young people through this programme alone.

How did YES find working with Taylor Nisbet?

“Working with Taylor Nisbet has been fantastic – they took such a passionate interest in our work, learning about our activities and most importantly our outcomes so that they were able to be innovative, appropriate and impactful with the work that they delivered on time and budget for us”

Geoff Leask CEO, Young Enterprise Scotland


Thank you!

We’d like to thank Young Enterprise Scotland for choosing to work with Taylor Nisbet on this project.

The brochure can be downloaded and read here

Since working on this project, we’re delighted that YES have chosen to work with us again on their 2018/18 Impact Report. This will be available soon!