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Sourcing funds

Project Overview

SoulRiders are a charity dedicated to creating a stronger and healthier community for black and minority ethnic (BME) through cycling.
They had lots of great ideas but needed a costeffective way to secure funding.

We worked directly alongside trustees and management to understand what funding was needed and source that funding to support new projects and core costs.

Because of our involvement, funding was secured for SoulRiders, ensuring the charity could keep doing its good work.

As well as making sure SoulRiders could continue its established programmes, the funding created the opportunity to launch new programmes including SoulKidz, supporting children to exercise,
learn new skills, and make new friends.

What do SoulRiders think?

“The positive attitude, enthusiasm and solution focused approach adopted by Taylor Nisbet has worked really well while strategically supporting SoulRiders. It is rare to find a professional company with the moral fibre to
hold its values in such high regard. It’s been a pleasure working with Taylor Nisbet to support the growth of our own organisation.”

Rashid Khaliq CEO, SoulRiders

Thank you!

We’d like to thank SoulRiders for continuing to choose to work with us.