Shedding light on cultural and spiritual heritage


York Minster

Community research, evaluation report and design

Project Overview

Cathedral Collections: Unlocking Spiritual Capital was a 3-year project that increased knowledge about and access to York Minster’s collection of
over 300,000 objects. The learning from the project was shared with the 43 cathedrals in England.

As a fully-funded project, an evaluation report was required. Eglingtoun Consulting approached us to team up and review the project’s process
from objective to outcome.

A well-designed evaluation report was completed, with recommendations for how similar projects in the future could have even greater impact.

"We saw this as a great opportunity to deeply understand the impact York Minster had made over and above the original objectives. To build a greater story about the project, we talked with community groups and completed case studies with core management and researchers." – Amanda Taylor

An unintended yet valuable outcome of the project was highlighted by our research: the increased involvement by community groups at the Cathedral. This social value was exciting to York Minster and will be included as a core objective for future projects.

Thank you!

We’d like to thank York Mister for choosing to work with us on this project.

The impact report can be downloaded and read here