Practical support that allows you to grow

We give your organisation practical support for every stage of its growth. We're experts in business planning and we provide the knowledge and confidence you need to break the cycle of funding.

Delivering on your social promise is our focus, so we'll show you how to tell the world about the positive impact you have. Our in-house design team creates impact reports to wow stakeholders, end users and government bodies. They'll know about the great work you do and want to support you to do more.

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Since 2016 we’ve secured over £240,000 for social enterprises and charities across Scotland. We’ve helped 17 organisations become more self-sustaining and deliver positive impact for the people in their communities.
We can help you deliver on your social goals.

Feasibility studies

It all starts with an idea, but making it real can be tricky. We'll test the viability of your idea by bringing together market research and community feedback.

Our research allows you to understand how and where you should take your idea forward and if any adjustments need to be considered before you start planning.

Business planning

Everyone wants to stand on their own two feet. We develop strategies for growth that allow you to generate regular income. We help you break the cycle of funding while increasing your impact within the community.

Our planning process is simple and to the point. A clear business approach that never loses sight of your social mission.

Sourcing funding

We'll help you break the cycle of funding, but some good plans need funds to get started.

Since 2016 we’ve secured over £240,000 for social enterprises and charities across Scotland. Pulling from their banking experience, our team knows the ins and outs of funding applications and they'll ensure you find the funds you need to make your plans a reality.

Impact reporting

Impact reporting is showing the great work you've done so people will support you to do more. It's a key part of an organisations growth. For some it's a booklet or brochure to share with stakeholders, for others it's a campaign to tell your community how you bring benefit. We'll find the right ways to tell the world about the positive impact you have.


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We're here to enable you to be the best you can be. We're helping social enterprises all over Scotland become self sustaining so they can deliver social impact that lasts.

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